Technical Specifications

The basis of the car is reconstructed truck chassis carrying 8 – 9 mm thick carbon fiber body.  Profiled tubes are casted into each side of the body making it self-bearing. The floor is made of 2 mm thick zinc plated metal. All the above gives rigidity to the car, so there is no twisting, usually featuring a cabriole. Though it is heavy (1930 kg) and has a long front part, it is very precise thanks to properly adjusted bearing. There is no need for continuous steering correction, specific for the cars of such design. Big wheel base (3180.00mm) and width (1845.00mm) provide for comfortable and stable drive.  Striving to find the most durable and reliable engine and transmission, we decided on well proven Mercedes   items. 

Model: Faber Series I

Length: 5000mm (16.4 ft)

Width: Front – 1870mm (6.135 ft), Back – 1820mm (5.97 ft)

Height: 1550mm (5.08 ft)

Wheelbase: 3180mm (10.43 ft)

Ride height: 155mm (0.5 ft)

Vehicle weight: 1930kg (4255 lbs)

Back-wheel drive

Engine: 3.2l

Number of cylinders: 6

Engine position: Front

Max power: 161kw (220ps)

CO2: 242g/km

Fuel economy: 8.3l, 12.9l, 9.9l

Top speed: 230 km/h (143 mph)

Acceleration (0-100kmh (-60mph)): 8.5 seconds

Gearbox: Automatic (with speed control transmission)

Front brakes: Ventilated discs (290mm or 0.95 ft)

Back brakes: Discs (284mm or 0.93ft)