Technical Specifications

Model: Faber Series I

Length: 5000mm (16.4 ft)

Width: Front – 1870mm (6.135 ft), Back – 1820mm (5.97 ft)

Height: 1550mm (5.08 ft)

Wheelbase: 3180mm (10.43 ft)

Ride height: 155mm (0.5 ft)

Vehicle weight: 1930kg (4255 lbs)

Back-wheel drive

Engine: 3.2l

Number of cylinders: 6

Engine position: Front

Max power: 161kw (220ps)

CO2: 242g/km

Fuel economy: 8.3l, 12.9l, 9.9l

Top speed: 230 km/h (143 mph)

Acceleration (0-100kmh (-60mph)): 8.5 seconds

Gearbox: Automatic (with speed control transmission)

Front brakes: Ventilated discs (290mm or 0.95 ft)

Back brakes: Discs (284mm or 0.93ft)