About Us

The idea for masterpiece handmade passenger car, appearing for the first time at the beginning of XX century, was transferred among three generations. The beginning is bound to 1921, when Dušan Pavlović (1901-1984) was trying to implement the above idea for the first time. Due to lack of funds and understanding of people from his surrounding, the project remained only on a paper. Dušan afterwards went for training to Niš, where his brother had a contemporary chariot production line, alike English models. Mutual idea of car production failed once again due to early death of his brother Radivoje, after which Dušan was forced to return to Gruža. He acquired blacksmith Diploma in 1933 which enabled him to establish blacksmith shop. Though he did not manage to implement his automotive idea during his lifetime, the idea was transferred to the next generation. The first concrete project implementation trial, which started in 2003, has resulted in manually built passenger car “Faber Series “I, after full eight years. The car was named “Faber” in memory to grandfather Dušan, as this Latin originated word means “blacksmith”. Made in retro style with contemporary technical-technological solutions, Faber Series I is based on the original car production ideas.